Sugar Mama in Atlanta Available For Chat.

Sugar Mama in Atlanta Available For Chat.

Hi, meets Jenny, a Sugar Mama in Atlanta who’s 46 years of age and seeking seriously for a lover, as you know at our Sugar Mummy Online Websites; We are so devoted to always distribute  Latest And Rich Sugar Mummies to our Followers.

For some  years now, We have connected good looking, Helpful and Wealthy Sugar Mummies to young men and Sugar boys for free, without Any form of fee. This is the best time to connect on to a Sugar Mummy here in Atlanta. So what are you still waiting For?


Meet Jenny a Rich Sugar Mama in Atlanta.

I’m Jenny , I’m a friendly person and respect other people’s opinions, i’m 46 years  of age and searching for a Young lover, who’s ready to love me very well and also  be my companion, Just to say, my profile photo was taken in March 2017! I don’t relate to my actual age! I love music as well as  singing too, I’m a polite person, I like to look good and dress smart and  I’m also  romantic.

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As you can see i look average with my size, I am a manager of a hotel in Atlanta and also my preference is for a young guy from 35 years + who has a good job and is independent, Dresses smart or a smart casual and looks good, Mind you i don’t associates with smokers as it’s not good for my health, I must be honest to you that i’m comfortable with life, I am  wealthy and still single to be precise, So i believe with this we can live together as one.

The most important thing is to tell me if you are interested in me, where you live. Mind you location is never a problem as i can relocate You if you don’t Mind. And i also want to know if you like travelling during your holidays because I’m looking for company to go places with. So if you you want this  Sugar Mama  privately you can drop your email and phone contact  in the box below. Thanks

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  • Hello dear lovely smile gorgeous flowers sugar mama how are you I hope you doing well and I pray to almighty God to bring smiles happiness everything in your life you waiting for that. my life is beautiful right now because of you my lady love. you entre into my life as a candlelight in the dark I know you showed me the meaning of love not with your words but with your care I know you’re shy nature doesn’t let you open up to me but you’re eyes speak up the love you have for me.dear My name is shahrukh Pardis I am from Afghanistan am 26 year old single never married With good sense of humor honest loving loyal romantic smart hard working joking smile good character responsible and would like to give someone smile not take from someone smiling am good man which I know how to take care of you how to love you how to make you happy and I don’t like to break heart of someone I don’t like betrayed to someone because of someone trust you don’t break her trust I believe on my self I can bring in your life love trust loyalty honesty and also I will take care of you like my princess like my eyes like my heart and make you happy in every way which you preferred and anything you want I will do that for you which makes you happy and why I choose you because you look like angel honest loyal loving good sense of humor kind beautiful caring women who know how to love me how take care of me how to make me like king my princess every body is in life waiting for someone to prove himself if you’re not give me the chance how can I prove himself to you that am loyal person am loving honest romantic good sense of humor smart hard working I have heart like mirror if you give me the chance I will show you your beautiful picture in my heart and never disappoint it in your life I hope you contact with me if you have time for me this is my contact information below and if you’re not contact with me after that I will pray to God be happy in all life and for what things you’re waiting in your life God make you successful to achieve that thing my dear sugar mama.

    Email address:[email protected]
    Facebook: shahrukh Pardis
    Phone: +93779805358
    what’s up: +93779805358
    IMO/viber +93779805358
    You can call me or text in one number

  • Hi iam called James from Uganda EastAfrica.
    Iam self Employed man doing engineering works.
    Iam 29 years of age in need of a serious sugar mummy for a serious relationship.
    Iam single with no kids but might need one if possible.
    Iam simple, listening and understand ing person with the sense of humour.
    For more information about me please contact me through ([email protected]) or (+256701463998)

  • Hello miss Jenny my name is pono m 34 years old m from Republic of botswana m single man I really need a someone like you m honest I can handle you loving and caring my contact is here [email protected] my app +267 71519534 please call me my facebook name pono nadim

  • hello, with due respect, honor, and with a humble request, i wish to submit in this comment for a special reason of you breaking my heart , sometimes i always think that we already done consenting in the firms . but look you have got now the sole man , mature, loving, royal,trustworthy, a man of wisdom, a simple man with a simple profile , an observant , a technical man in mechanical fields, bearing all situations of life, a man who can look backward and forward, a man who can look left and right, sincere and a christian by religion, a man of voice with positive reactions ,a man who abides by the governing laws of an area, above all i rely on trustworthy , i also love you to hold me tight , a man loving jokes . any way ask GOD and thank him showing you eng.jkb to rule your palace and the belongings,
    ohoo my dear talking too much is not to win the case , this site is not so secure in terms of privacy,
    so just watsap me on +256772428248, or mail , [email protected], for interesting views if you also have mercy and grace in you.
    i wish you the best luck when doing selection.
    GOD JABLESS YOU, And dedicated you a song which says ;’ when u think about love- think about ENG.JKB. WAITING TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON.

  • Hi
    I am qualified guy from India and now in Dubai. The Arabic mommies are crazy for me!
    I am a hunk and a badass but I am good, trust me I can make you moan and scream crazy!
    [email protected]

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