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Northern Cape, Rossa Sugar Mama Needs A Loyal Yong Man – Sugar Mummy Dating Website is getting more popular by the day cos we are making it happen and we are 1000% legit! Yea, you read correctly. 1000%. hahaha.

Pictured above is Rossa, a sugar mama based in Northern Cape, Rossa. She is 41 years old and she needs a handsome young man who is also energetic for a relationship! She wrote to sugar mummy Dating website telling us that she will offer R14,000 monthly to any man she will select! That’s a lot of money!

She is a very jovial person and she has a free heart. She loves cooking, reading, watching movies, swimming and hanging out especially with that special man in her life.

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Rossa sincerely needs true love. She has been taken for granted countless times simply because she has a good heart. She needs a man who will heal the wound and pains she has been through, pamper her, make her feel so loved. Money is not a problem at all to her. Just be loving and loyal, she will spoil you with all good things you can imagine!

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