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Hi. I discovered this website through Google sugar mummy and sugar mummies and i found this interested. My name is Esther, a sugar mummy in Chile and I work with an investment organization. I do wonderfully well financially and I am doing okay. I am 35years not yet married. I am looking for energetic and responsible young man for fun.

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My name is Tina, I am 5′  7″  (170 cm) in height. I am active, decent, responsible, hardworking, careful, kind lady with a good sense of humor. I like to take risks, I’m looking for understanding, reliable, responsible, loving, interesting, creative and a cheerful man. I am okay been his sugar mummy as long as he will not disappoint me. I need someone who is very handsome. I am always attracted to a good-looking man and I don’t need someone who is ugly around me. I need someone who is also very is strong in bed and as his sugar mummy, he will be rewarded handsomely. I need a man who can handle a woman and not get tired too soon. I am friendly person, passionate and honest lady down to earth with sincerity of purpose living every one that cross my path with a smile, I have been with men and most of the experience are very disappointing and I am not looking to be disappointed again. Please I am not looking for love nor for anyone to fall in love with me and I don’t need a player, I hate them, if you are the type, don’t contact me because i won’t accept you.

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If you want me to be your sugar mummy, just leave me a message in the comment box below. Please try to be honest and don’t forget to drop your phone numbers and emails.

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